• Dianne Decker  
    Dianne Marie Decker
    12/23/1959 – 11/5/2009

    Dianne was the 2nd oldest daughter of Leonard and Peggy Decker. Dianne inspired all who met her. She greeted everyone with a firm handshake and a big smile. She especially loved Elvis Presley, puzzles, magazines, and music.

    Dianne inspired her sister Jane Collins to become a Special Education Teacher. Dianne moved to Normal in 2006 with her mother Peggy Decker to live closer to Jane and her family. Dianne participated in the Developmental Training Program at ODC and loved the time she spent with her new friends until it closed its doors in 2009. The friends she met at ODC meant the world to Dianne and her family. It was the first program she actively participated in since graduating from Speed Development Center, Chicago Heights, at age 21.

    It is because of Dianne’s experience with ODC and her love of watching her sister Jane teach that the Unit 5 Vocational Coordinators; Jane Collins, Hilary Ruyle and Dawn Sheppelman started the Unit 5 Vocational Training Center, Decker Industries in honor of Dianne.

    ~Dedicated: August, 2010