• Mrs. Sue Powell
  • Mrs. Powell
  • I am privileged to be part of an exceptional team of Hudson School parents, teachers and support staff, who work together to meet young children’s success in kindergarten.

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Illinois State University in special and elementary education. Most of my teaching career has been wonderfully spent in kindergarten at Hudson. 

    I have a passion for those with freckles, toothless grins, wide eyed imaginations, uninhibited thinking and a smidgen of spunk…. all wrapped up in a kaleidoscope of uniquely designed kindergartners.

    "The kaleidoscope fascinates us all, and we watch - and wait - sometimes holding our breath, as the patterns of color continue to change with the passage of time."
    adapted fromRebecca Blackwell Drake

    I am fascinated and amazed each year as I watch children grow and learn; gaining a sense of capability, achievement and independence that will produces a readiness to learn, meet challenges, and be meaningfully engaged in the world around them!