Welcome to Second Grade

Mrs. Klendworth 2KL,  Mrs. Kimmel 2Ki,  Mrs. Moore 2M,  Mrs. Ploense 2PL
Second grade is a wonderful year. This year is a huge growing year, both physically and academically for your child. We are pleased to be a part of your child's development.  We hope you find this website helpful as you navigate through this year.
Everyday Math
Words Their WayEveryday MathReading


  Practice, games and parent
information about the 2nd
grade math curriculum.
 On the parent’s side of
Reader’s Workshop, grading
will look different. Expect
to see fewer reading grades
coming home. Reader’s
Workshop pushes the
students to think about
text at a deeper level.
Science Social Studies Skyward
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Units studied are
life science,
earth science,
physical science,
space and technology.
Units studied are:
governing the people,
the world around us,
using our resources,
people long ago,
a world of many people
and people in the marketplace.
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Grades online.
Reading Workshop Additional Information:
Our reading instruction is taught in a workshop format.  A big change for both teachers and parents is assessment. As the paper/pencil end of the basal story tests fade away, expect to see changes in how your child is assessed in workshop.
At the beginning of the school year, each child will be individually assessed to find his/ her reading level. This helps your child’s teacher guide your child toward ‘just right’ books for independent reading time and to be able to give your child a
challenge for small group instruction. In between the benchmark assessments, the teacher is conferencing with each student and taking anecdotal notes, and doing running records to check the child’s accuracy and comprehension. All of these help the teacher really get to know your child as a reader.