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    Niels' goodbye part 2: Niels' brother (and theatre alum) Adam Alexander is hosting a Zoom meeting for Niels tonight! "YOU are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Starting at 8 pm tonight there will be a virtual goodbye party for Niels. We will have time to talk with Niels and tell him farewell. You can also join this video/audio chat as early as you would like just use the link down below.
    Topic: Niels' Live Goodbye Party
    Time: Mar 30, 2020 08:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
    Join Zoom Meeting


     Meeting ID: 944 238 6254

    Niels' goodbye: Submit your virtual goodbye today! The link is here . As you probably know Niels Sonneveld is being recalled to The Netherlands this Tuesday.  Since none of us are going to get to say goodbye the Spouse has created a Dropbox link.  You can leave files, photos, videos, or whatever to let Niels know you will miss him.  Name your contribution with your name so he knows who it is, and try to get it there by late Monday.  (The link will be open for a while if you can't make that.) 

    Year-end banquet (maybe): The banquet will be Sunday, May 3, mid to late afternoonish in the auditorium.  Food, senior recognition, the year in review, and mock awards - it'll be fun!  Mark it down.

    Underground link:  Here is the form to fill out if you are interested in creating an underground show. The link for year-round Underground is here

    March Meeting: Drama club last met on March 3rd. Here are the notes from that meeting. We will meet again April 7th in room 33 after school. 

    Grant money for volunteering!  Good Neighbor Grant Program: The State Farm Companies Foundation will contribute a $500 grant to a qualifying nonprofit organization at which an eligible associate volunteers 40 hours or more within a calendar year. Eligible State Farm associates are encouraged to submit an online application to monitor the status of their Good Neighbor Grant at the Good Neighbor Grant program site."  

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