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12 Angry Jurors
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    Spring Play Auditions:   The cast list is here.  We're very excited, both about our directors and our casts.  Next, keep an eye out of a crew sign up!  

    Drama Club Meeting: Tuesday, February 5 in room 33! 

    Underground link:  Here is the form to fill out if you are intersted in creating an underground show.  This is NOT the link for Spring '19 - that's up above.  The link for year-round Underground is here

    Grant money for volunteering!  Good Neighbor Grant Program: The State Farm Companies Foundation will contribute a $500 grant to a qualifying nonprofit organization at which an eligible associate volunteers 40 hours or more within a calendar year. Eligible State Farm associates are encouraged to submit an online application to monitor the status of their Good Neighbor Grant at the Good Neighbor Grant program site."  

    Drama Club meeting: The minutes from our January 8 meeting can be found here.

    Joey does a scoot