•  Chiddix Junior High School
    Sponsor and Coach
    Terri Peoples

    Dear Drama Family,

    I hope that this note finds everyone safe and healthy. I have been following, as I am sure you have as well, the progression of the COVID-19 virus and the impact the virus has had on our community, our country, and the world. This is a very unique and delicate time. There are so many changes and so much to process every day. 

    I know that you have been waiting for word on how the rest of our school year would play out. We were all hoping to be back in school on April 8th. Unfortunately, that will not be the case. To protect each and every one of us we must shelter-in and be safe. The latest shelter-in extension which was issued by our Federal Government gives us a picture of how much time we could potentially have left this school year if we are able to come back to school on May 1st. 

    It is with a heavy heavy heart that I must report that the 2019-2020 Chiddix Drama Production has been canceled. Even writing this I am extremely emotional as I know what this means for every drama student. I feel each one of the emotions that my drama kiddos are feeling. Trust me when I say that this is not easy to put together. I am struggling with finding the right words because truly there are no words to make this okay.

    Initially, I intentionally did not share the cast list because I feared this is where we would end up. I still stand by that decision. I had over 75 students trying out for 24 cast parts in this year's production. If I would have shared the cast list I would have sent may students home very sad and disappointed during what has turned out to be a very scary time in our lives. On the flip side, I felt that I would have given false hope to students that made the cast. Early on, through all of this, the reality was telling me that this situation was not going to end the way I would want it to. Either way, we would have ended up where we are right now. 

    8th Grade drama family please know that I have shed many tears for you. This is not the way that I would want you to end your junior high drama experience. Many of you have been with me since you were in sixth grade. Please do not look at this as the end because it is not. I am planning something special involving you for the next school production. Trust me when I say that you will not end this way. 

    Parents/Guardians if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I know that this is hard for you as well. We are all in this together.

    Students, as I end this incredibly hard message I will ask you to walk away from this knowing that each and every one of you are winners. We had a successful drama club year and we had lots of fun. We made new friends and our drama family grew. We will be back stronger next year. I love you all.

    Stay Strong. Stay Healthy. 

    -Mrs. Peoples