• Click on the counselor's name below to contact them via email:

    Students A - Col
    Office number:  309-557-4643
    Mr. Ryan ShortShort

    Students Com - G
    Office number:  309-557-4645
    Mrs. Karrin HawkinsHawkins

    Students H-Le
    Office number:  309-557-4654 

    Mrs. Jennifer Giermann  

    Students Li-Pf
    Office number:   309-557-4642


    Students Ph - Stol
    Office number:  309-557-4655
    Ms. Joan Fee

    Students Stom - Z & ELL students
    Office number:  309-557-4653
    To schedule an appointment with your counselor contact:
         Mrs. Laurie Beyer
         Counseling Office Administrative Assistant.  
          Phone: 309-557-4644 or beyerld@unit5.org