Grove Elementary Staff
2016-2017 School Year
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Principal Mrs. Tina Fogal email
Office Mrs. Alicia Butler email
Mrs. Lori Schroeder email

Kindergarten Mrs. Nikki Dillow email
Mrs. Beth Fletcher email
Mrs. Emily Kauten email
Mrs. Heather Damery email
First Grade Mrs. Kim Carlock email
  Mrs. Nancy Goelitz email
  Mrs. Maureen Thomas
Mrs. Cindy Wagner email
Second Grade Mrs. Tammy Kimmel email
Mrs. Sherilyn Klendworth email
Mrs. Amy Moore email
Mrs. Rae Ann Ploense email
Third Grade Mrs. Cindy Nourie email
Mrs. Dawn Smith email
Mrs. Rebecca Scott

  Mrs. Cami Williams email
Fourth Grade Mrs. Tracy Donath email
Ms. Hailey Pocic email
Ms. Eryn Shannon email
Mrs. Connie Stanczak email

Fifth Grade Mrs. Barb Fisher email
  Mrs. Janelle Mendiola email
  Mrs. Trish Pacey email
  Mrs. Faith Lee email  
Teaching Assistants Mrs. Kristi Hammons email  
Mrs. Suzie Smeeton
  Mrs. Susan Brown
Learning & Behavior Ms. Lauren Hunt email  
Specialists Ms. Lane Wright email  
Speech Ms. Jeanna Walker email
IMC Ms. Donna Sliney email
Art Mrs. Karen Brinker email  
Music Mr. Gabe Myers email
Physical Education Mr. Matt Beaver email

Mr. Patrick Pommier email
Nurse Mrs. Susy Marcum email website
Psychologist Ms. Melissa Lawless email
Social Work Ms. Maureen Gallagher email
Occupational Therapist Mrs. Diane Hinthorne email  
Custodians Mr. Kelly Yow
Mr. Ryan Penn
  Mr. Thomas Johnson  
Cooks Mrs. Mollie Bruce email
Ms. Amy Kirchner
Mrs. Christina Walter