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2 Factor Authentication Who What When Where

Cyber attacks on K-12 school districts are increasing and as a result insurance companies are requiring additional security best practices to be implemented by districts.  The district’s Insurance Company has required all staff to be in compliance with 2 Factor Authentication by December 31, 2021.  2 Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you're the only person who can access your Unit 5 Google Account, even if someone knows your password.

What is 2FA

Two Factor Authentication is using a second device two login with.  A lot of accounts today will have to put in a code that is sent to your phone via text or an application.  This makes it so that if you want to sign into Google from a new computer you must have your username and password, plus a second method to verify that you are doing this. 

Why do we need to do 2FA

Security is the main reason.  A single username and password is very ineffective in today’s world.  Bad guys are trying to break into peoples accounts for many reasons, a lot are for financial gain.  The other reason is because our insurance company is requiring us to turn this on for all web based accounts that the district is using. 

Who will 2FA affect 

All staff in the district.  Some may be able to just use a text message and others will be required to use a hardware key or application on their phone.  At this time students are not required to do this.

When will 2FA begin

The district insurance company has set a date of December 31st for the district to have enforced.  Once this is on, then any active staff account must use this or the account will be locked out.  New staff to the district will have a set time to turn this on before it is enforced.  

Where will I notice 2FA happening

This could happen at any time.  The most common would be if you are logging into a new device for the first time, or when you are changing networks.  U5TD has been working to make all of the usernames and passwords you use connect to your Google account, so you will mostly notice it with Google, and this makes it easier for us, and you, to manage your 2FA. 

How will 2FA work for me

At this time we are going with the easiest ways for you to incorporate 2FA into your school life, but still keep you and the district secure.  This may change over the next year, but the changes will be layers that make the district more secure.  All staff will be required to set up their cell phone with their Google account which will send their phone a text message, or to use a district-provided physical security key that you can put into a computer or hold up to a smart phone and use 2FA.