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Early Learning Registration

Registration for the 2024-25 school year is open.  You must be accepted into the program prior to registration.  To begin that process, please email  


What does your child need to start (if eligible)? 

  • Copy of certified birth certificate 
  • Updated immunization records 
  • Physical Exam -within the last calendar year of the enrollment date
  • Completed registration 
  • Backpack and an extra set of clothes 
  • Proof of family income (per: Illinois State Board of Education)

Category A-One (1) document

Category B- two (2) documents

Real Estate tax bill

Signed Housing Lease

Mortgage document or payment info

Residency Attestation 

Military housing letter

Section 8 Letter

Utility Bill

Phone bill 

Vehicle registration 

Bank Statement

Public Aide Card

Medicaid Card

Credit Card Statement

Paycheck stub

City sticker receipt

Driver’s Licence/State ID


SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING TRANSPORTING FROM AN ADDRESS OTHER THAN HOME ADDRESS:  Transportation requests may be made for your home address or from a daycare location if it is within the Unit 5 district boundaries and as long as pick- up and drop- off addresses stays consistent throughout the week (Monday-Friday).  Please reference the boundaries lines at:


 This is a free program. There is no fee for registration. Registration is required for enrollment.  Your child will not be on a class list or enrolled until registered and all required documents are provided.

Unit 5 School Board has a “First Day Exclusion” policy.  This means pre-kindergarten students must receive the paperwork for state required physical exam and immunizations by the first day of school or your child will NOT be allowed to attend school.  NO appointments will be accepted. Make your appointment now! Physicals can be dated within 1 year of the first day of school for student.

Need Help registering?  Go to the Unit 5 Registration Page

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  • How will I know about my child’s bus information? Will the school send out bus information?  

Your Infinite Campus family portal.  Please check regularly as changes are made as students are added to the routes. Pre-K students have special routing (door to door) and routes change as students are added or dropped from programs/routes. The school will not send out bus information. 

  1. When will I find out who my child’s teacher is?

Your building administration will determine for each building

  1. How will we meet our child’s teachers?

Check with your building principal for open house information

  1. I will be dropping off and/or picking up my child from school. What is the procedure?

Each school will have a procedure that will be shared with you prior to the start of the year. 

  1. What will my child’s day at school look like? 

This year will be new for staff and students as we navigate through this pandemic.  Your child’s teachers will be in close contact with you to keep you informed. 

  1. Where do I find a breakfast/lunch menu? and printed menus will also be sent home with students at the beginning of the month

  1. If my child doesn’t like the day’s menu can I send a “cold” sack lunch?  


  1. Do I need to pay for Pre-K meal(s)?

No, the district provides meals for Pre-K students enrolled