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Unit 5 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Educating each student to achieve personal excellence.

Vision Statement

To inspire curiosity, empower and grow
individuals, elevate community, and prepare for the future.

Commitments - The Unit 5

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We believe in challenging what we do and how we do it. Therefore, we build trust and earn respect through honesty, fair process, and transparency in our decision-making.

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We believe in fostering a safe, courageous, and inclusive environment for all. Therefore, we develop relationships that are accepting, validating, and appreciative of differences.

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We believe in igniting inspiration and supporting innovation. Therefore, we optimize learning experiences that foster curiosity and develop a passion for learning among all students and staff.

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We believe in making a collective and collaborative impact. Therefore, we are intentional about being open to all ideas and solutions toward accomplishing our goals.

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We believe in high expectations with high support. Therefore, we elevate our community by embracing change through continuous improvement, individually and collectively.

Focus Areas

Inspiring a Culture of Learning

Foster a learning environment where curiosity, exploration, and continuous growth are encouraged and celebrated while emphasizing the importance of acquiring new knowledge, developing skills, and embracing challenges.


Creating Foundations for the Future

Establish strong and sustainable frameworks, systems, and resources that serve as the building blocks for long-term success, growth, and progress. Laying the
groundwork in the areas of staffing, fiscal resources, and operations while making thoughtful and forward-thinking decisions to anticipate and address the evolving needs and challenges of the future.

Building and Strengthening Our Community

Cultivate a relationship of trust to enhance learning, well-being, and overall school success by leveraging the collective strengths of the community.