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Policies Administrative Procedures & Exhibits


The Unit 5 Board of Education is accountable to the public for governance of the District. Written policies are the conditions of accountability, providing the criteria by which the public is ensured that the Board, and therefore the District, is responsive to the educational desires of the community.  Policies ensure legal compliance, establish Board processes, articulate district ends, delegate authority, and define operating limits.

The Policy Manual is a collection of policies, formally adopted by the Board of Education, to provide principles and guidelines for discretionary action by the District’s administrators.  The formulation, adoption and modification of District policies is solely at the discretion of the Board of Education, subject only to mandatory collective bargaining agreements. 

The  policies  included in the Unit 5 Board of Education Policy Manual cover all aspects of District management.  The manual is divided into eight sections.  A description of each section follows:

 Section 1 -  School District Organization

     This section contains policies that establish the District as a legal entity, identifies its organization, and includes philosophy and mission statements.

Section 2 - Board of Education

     Policies in this section cover the Board:  its powers and duties, how its members are elected, the organization of the Board, how it conducts meetings, and how the Board operates.

Section 3 - General School Administration

     This section contains policies specifically for the administration, including line/staff relationships,qualifications for administrators, hiring of administrators, and administrative responsibility.

Section 4 - Operational Services

     Policies regarding school finances, budgeting, purchases, accounting and audits, facility services for students, insurance programs, facility management, transportation, safety, and how facilities are named are included in this section.

Section 5 - Personnel

     The Personnel section has three sub-sections:  General – those policies applicable to all district employees; Certified – policies applicable to certificated staff; and Educational Support – policies for employees who provide technical and logistical support.  Policy contents includes equal employment, sexual harassment, hiring, leaves, records, resignations, and retirements.  Conditions established by mandated collective bargaining agreements take precedent over policies.

Section 6 - Instruction

     This section contains policies on the District’s instructional program:  goals and objectives, the basic program, special programs, instructional resources, guidance and counseling, and assessment and achievement.

Section 7 - Students

     This section’s policies deal with equity, admission, attendance, student rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, welfare services, student activities,and student records.

Section 8 - School/Community Relations

     This section contains policies that address how the school and community relate to each other.  Specifically in this section, policies cover community use of District facilities, public relations, school visitors, parent organizations, parent involvement, gifts to the District, spectator’s conduct during co-curricular events, conduct on District property, and public concerns.

Administrative Procedures and Exhibits

Written administrative procedures and exhibits are developed to guide implementation of adopted policies as needed.

Policy Dissemination

The official policy manual shall remain in the custody of the Superintendent at the office of the Board of Education, 1809 West Hovey Avenue, Normal, IL 61761-4339.  Additionally, all current policies may be accessed on the Unit 5 website at