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Boundaries & Maps

Unit 5 Boundaries

Boundary Maps    Unit 5 has designated boundaries for each of its schools. Please view the maps to see where your child would attend school. Some of the boundaries are hard to determine, so please verify this information with the schools before making significant decisions, including those involving real estate.   Some addresses are designated as "Open Attendance" areas.   Open Attendance areas are assigned to two or more schools where students not yet enrolled may be assigned to a particular school by the administration at the time of enrollment to better balance class sizes. Younger siblings of students already enrolled will be allowed to continue in the same school as the older sibling as long as there is no break in family attendance. Transportation will be provided as appropriate.   Open Attendance areas are:

Area 1 - Grove, Sugar Creek and Towanda Elementary Schools

  • Area South of Raab Road, and West of Airport Road that includes Healing Stone Apartments and all of Healing Stone Court (Apartment complex currently West of Healing Stone Court).

Area 2 - Benjamin, Glenn, Colene Hoose, and Northpoint Elementary Schools

  • Area West of Ekstam Drive Dr., South of Cornelius Drive and North of Gerig Drive, including Wingover Apartment complex and Wingover East. 

Area 3 - Fairview, Carlock, and Sugar Creek Elementary Schools  

  • Area off Shelbourne Drive, Linden, and Beech (formerly owned by ISU and unoccupied)

Area 4 -  Prairieland, Hudson, Sugar Creek, and Oakdale Elementary Schools

  • Wintergreen Subdivision Addition and Carden Springs off Beech and Towanda  

Area 5 - Parkside, Carlock, Fox Creek, and Oakdale Elementary Schools

  • Area off Hovey Ave and Parkside Road- Kruger Subdivision

Area 6 - Fairview, Carlock, and Sugar Creek 

  • Area at the NE corner of Raab Rd. & Constitution.