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District Philosophy



We are committed to…….

  • the education of all children in the District who can benefit from public school education.
  • the belief that education is the process whereby society utilizes its knowledge of learning to develop each individual to the highest degree possible as a member of a democratic society.
  • the task of providing a solid foundation of both academic or vocational knowledge and skills as each individual child’s ability will permit.
  • the belief that individual differences exist in the school population and that differentiation of instruction is imperative if individual needs are to be met adequately; further, that atypical pupils should be discovered, encouraged and challenged.
  • the belief that every child should be encouraged and stimulated to be perceptive, to exercise critical thinking and to make logical decisions based on facts.
  • the task of developing in every child an understanding and appreciation of the forces and ideals which have made America great, and a sense of personal responsibility as future citizens of the community, of Illinois, of the United States, and of the world.
  • the provision of guidance that will foster the best possible vocation choices commensurate with the child’s ability.
  • freedom from any sexual, cultural, ethnic or religious bias.
  • the development of an awareness of and appreciation for diversity.