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On May 8, 1948, voters approved the formation of a school district that is today legally known as Community Unit School District No. 5, McLean and Woodford Counties, Illinois. The district includes 11 congressional townships and serves parts of Bloomington, all of Carlock, Hudson, Normal, and Towanda and rural areas surrounding each of these communities . McLean County Unit District No. 5 employs approximately 1,650 full and part time staff members to educate approximately 13,000 students. The district consists of more than 214 square miles, with 17 elementary, 4 junior high and 2 high school buildings, and 1 vocational training site. The district has 156 Illinois Department of Transportation-approved buses in its fleet. Buses travel 1.9 million miles a year delivering more than 10,000 students to 23 schools.

The 2021-22 education fund operating budget is approximately $118 million.   A Citizens Advisory Council assists the Board in researching issues and securing advice from the parents and citizens of the district.

Growth and change have been issues constantly facing the school system. Other constants are the pride in Unit 5, the pursuit of quality public education and "educating each student to achieve personal excellence."