• 2016-2017 First Grade Supplies

    Please refer to this list rather than the Unit 5 supply list.


    Please label the following with your child’s name:

                 4 pink erasers

    scissors (right/left-pointed)

    large plastic box for art supplies

    gym shoes (non-marking soles-optional)


    Please do not label any of the following items:

    2 boxes of pencils, (lead # 2, sharpened)

    2 boxes of crayons (24 pack)

    1 box markers, (washable)

    1 box colored pencils

    8 glue sticks

    1 Elmer’s Glue

      2 tissue boxes (facial-large)

      3 composition books (WIDE ruled)

      2 containers anti-bacterial wet-wipes

    Two 3-ring binders–(hard cover, 1-inch)

    3- folders (with two pockets, no prongs-red, blue, yellow)

    2- folders with prongs and 2 pockets- (1 green, and 1 any color)


    Art supplies: 24 box of crayons and 1 container baby wipes


    Unit 5 encourages all students to visit the Normal or Bloomington Public Library and open up a free library card.