• Attendance:

    • All cheerleaders are expected to be in attendance for all practices and games unless in another sport where this has been discussed with the coach. (exceptions are Doc. Appt.) This follows the student handbook.
    • All appointments should be made around practices and games. 
    • Missing Practices:
      1. If you are at school, you come to practice.
      2. If a practice is unexcused, then the cheerleader will dress but will NOT cheer for a game.
      3. Missing practices means missing material learned as a squad, when you miss a practice you let the entire squad down. 

    General Rules: 
    Communication is essentials in a team environment; communication will be given directly to the squad members and e-mails will be sent to parents as needed. If there are questions and/or concerns please contact the coach.
    None of the following will be tolerated.  Failure to follow the rules will result in the cheerleader sitting out part and/or all of the game.  All rule infractions are at the discretion of the coach.
    • Tardiness to practice or game.  
    • No spirit, pep or enthusiasm at practice or game.
    • Missing uniform pieces. If the cheerleader is missing any part of their uniform, including shoes, bows, etc... the cheerleader will not cheer until they have what they are missing.
    • The uniform is not neat and clean.
    • Talking to other cheerleaders and fans while cheering.
    • Returning late after half-time.
    • Swearing and any disrespectful behavior.
    • Arguments among squad members or with the coach.
    • Missing any cheer related function without prior approval.
    • Not sitting with the group during cheer related functions.
    • Use of cells phones at practice or games without permission.


    School work come first and foremost. If a cheerleader's name appears on the ineligible list during cheer season, the cheerleader, parent/guardian will be notified. The parent, and cheerleader should contact the teacher immediately to devise a plan for the cheerleader to improve her grade.
    Cheerleaders who are ineligible will be required to study at school during practice times. Cheerleaders may also use this study time to meet with individual teachers for additional help.

    Dual Participation

    Students may participate in other IESA sports as long as it is not in direct conflict of cheer season.  Girls’ basketball would be a direct conflict. Softball and Volleyball are not direct conflicts of cheer season.

    Every effort will be made to ensure students have every opportunity to successfully participate in dual activities without compromising the integrity of either activity.

    Communication with the coaches must be done in advance of trying out for these sports so both coaches understand the time commitment for each activity.