(Yearly 1 Credit) (9, 10)
    Prerequisite: None
    This is a one-year course designed to teach students essential life skills necessary for success in today’s world. This course includes basic knowledge of our economy, how it functions and the role of the consumer. Topics covered include basic business, banking, budgeting money, career planning, insurance, investing, saving, taxes and using credit wisely. Concepts of insurance, finance, accounting, marketing, management, and business organization are also introduced. There is an emphasis on emerging business technologies, professionalism, and maintaining positive business interactions within the classroom.
    *Successful completion of Introduction to Business fulfills the State Consumer Education Requirement for high school graduation.
    BUSINESS LAW US 701/702 
    (Semester ½ Credit) (10, 11, 12)
    Prerequisite: None
    Business Law is a one-semester course open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. This course provides opportunities to explore the influences of the legal system on American business and industry as well as personal life. Topics include foundations of the U.S. legal system, civil and criminal law, contract law and more. Analysis of real world cases, discussion of current events, participation in mock trials, and a field trip to the Law and Justice Center, help provide practical life experiences.