• Illinois High School Association Scholastic Achievement Award (IHSA)IHSA
    This award is presented to Juniors and Seniors on an athletic team and earning a minimum GPA of 4.5.

    Big 12 Scholar Athletes
    This award is presented to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors earning a Varsity Letter with a minimum GPA of 4.0.
    Honor Roll Honor Roll
    NCHS publishes a school-wide honor roll at the end of each semester. This is to give recognition to students who have attained certain scholarship requirements.
    The following criteria apply:

    1. Students must earn a GPA of 4.60 or greater to qualify for the semester Honor Roll.
    2. Only courses in which a student is enrolled at NCHS will be considered.
    3. All designated credit courses attempted are used to figure Honor Roll and Merit List.
    4. Weighted grades will be used in determining eligibility for Honor Roll and Merit List.
    5. A grade of D or F automatically disqualifies a student from Honor Roll recognition.
    6. Physical Education / Wellness and Driver Education grades are calculated into the GPA if those classes are among the six designated classes.

    National Honor SocietyNational Honor Society
    The National Honor Society is a scholarship and service organization with the purpose of creating enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulating a desire to render service, promoting leadership and developing character in high school students.
    To be eligible for National Honor Society four criteria must be met:
    Leadership, Service, Scholarship, Character. To be academically eligible for membership a student must be a second semester Junior or a first semester Senior and must have a grade point average of at least 4.7, seven school-sponsored and/or community related activities during high school. He or she must have held at least two positions of leadership and pass a review from the principal and the faculty.

    Students who meet the criteria are evaluated by faculty based on character. All of these requirements are in accordance with guidelines established my the Constitution of the National organization.

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