• NCWHS Biology

    Mrs. Herren & Mr. Fincham


    Room 231 (Freshman Hall)

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    (309) 336-6316




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            The purpose of this class is to study living organisms and how those organisms interact with each other and their environment.  You will also learn how scientists work, so that you can look at a problem and make intelligent decisions concerning biological issues in the future.

                                KEYS TO SUCCESS                    

    1.   Come to class each day to learn and participate.

    2.   Please come to class on time and ready to begin when the bell rings.

    3.   Please try to attend to personal needs before coming to class.

    4.   Try and keep yourself organized.

    5.   Follow all rules and established in the safety contract.

    6.   Respect yourself and others.

    7.   Do your best and work hard.

    8.   Ask questions when you don’t understand or need help.


    First Semester

    Second Semester

    Thinking Like A Scientist

    Genetic Variation in Populations

    Energy & Matter in Ecosystems

    Population Genetics & Evolution

    Population & Ecosystem Interactions

    Organism Structure & Function

    Human Impact on the Biosphere




    ·         You will need a 1 subject biology notebook that will be kept inside the classroom.

    ·         I recommend that you keep an assignment notebook also.


    ·         It is important to be in class every day.  Biology is a complex topic that will be covered through lectures, labs, and projects.  By missing class, you will fall behind rapidly.

    Make-Up Work

    ·         You are responsible for all make-up work.  Please see me for your work, so that we may make arrangements for it to be completed.

    ·         If your work is not turned in when it is due, you may receive ½ credit or no credit for that assignment.


    ·         We will be completing many labs throughout this course.  A signed safety contract indicates your understanding of lab expectations.


    ·         Tests/quizzes should be completed during class.  If you are absent for any reason, you may be asked to take an alternate form of the assessment.  If you know that you will be absent the day of the test/quiz, you may take the original form if it will be completed before it is given to the class.

    Semester Exam

    ·        Your semester exam will be cumulative and will count for 10% of your semester grade.

    Academic Dishonesty

    ·         Cheating is dishonest, degrades your character and your reputation.  Cheating will not be tolerated in any form.  Any action intended to obtain credit for another’s work is unacceptable.  Anyone involved will receive a zero.

    ·         NOTE on Plagiarism:  If you are unsure as to whether or not the information you plan on using would be considered plagiarism, see me before you include it in your work!

    I love Biology and look forward to a great semester together.  I hope by the end of the semester you will share my passion.