• SOCIAL ISSUES (SOC 501/502, Semester Long, ½ Credit)

    The primary objective is for students to develop the ability to formulate a ‘logical’ argument based on facts and/or personal values. In addition, students will be able to recognize an ‘illogical’ argument. This course will also enable students to strengthen writing and oral presentation skills as they conduct research based on social issues that affect contemporary global and cultural trends.
                   *Mr. Berardi's Social Issues Syllabus
  • SOCIOLOGY (SOC 701/702, Semester Long, ½ Credit) 

    Sociology is the study of group behavior. Topics of study include the similarities and differences in cultures, changes in society, group organization and interaction, deviance, and social class. A special focus is placed on the influence of society on the individual in terms of attitudes, beliefs, and behavior.

                  *Mr. Berardi's Sociology Syllabus



  • UNITED STATES HISTORY (SOC 211/212, *Year-long Course, 1 Credit) 

    This course is required for graduation from high school. Students will study two major themes each semester. 

    *The course is divided into 2 semester-long classes, US1 & US2