• Unit 2 - Understanding Functions

    Day 1 - Relating Graphs to Events - HW Tutor Video links - Interpreting Graphs and Sketching Graphs
    Day 2 - Introduction to Functions - IXL Q.4, IXL Q.5, IXL Q.7, Algebra Meltdown Gamefunction rule
    Day 3 - Domain and Range
    Day 4 - Distance and Time, Walk the Yo-Yo, Motion Detectors
    Day 5 - Practice Assessment
    Day 6 - Feedback and Extra Practice
    Day 7 - Unit 2 Assessment
    Day 8 - Fibonacci Sequences and Recursive Formulas

    Help Videos

    *once the video is playing, you can right-click on it and choose "Zoom," "full screen"

    How to determine if the relation is a function, how to find domain and range

    Using function notation

    Distance-time graphs