• Individual Lesson Plan --- Revolutionary War

    Activities – Student Choices Required Activities


    1. Write definitions with illustrative sentences.

    2. Create a flipbook with illustrations and sentences.

    3. Create a crossword puzzle.

    4. Create a poem or rap using the vocabulary words.


    1. Create a flipbook of the causes of the Revolutionary War. Include illustrations.

    2. Create a cause and effect matching worksheet.

    3. Construct a power point presentation of the causes of the Revolutionary War.

    1. Students will read from the text and create questions and answers.

    2. Students will make an outline of the main ideas or events as they take notes.


    1. Read a biography and do a shoestring outline of the person’s life. Use the outline to present this information to the class.

    2. Read a biography and do a portrait surrounded by bubbles containing facts.

    3. Read a biography and tell about it in 1st person point of view.

    4. Do a mock interview with the person from the biography you read.

    Important Events

    1. Make a timeline of the major events in the Revolutionary War.

    2. Write and perform a skit depicting a major event of the war and create a video.

    3. Compare and Contrast warfare during the 1700s to warfare today. Write one page about this topic.

    Student Choices