• I have had parents ask about donating supplies so I am going to address that topic.  We use various supplies throughout the year.  If you have any extra art supplies and would like to donate them, we will put them to good use.  In the past I have had parents send in materials that were left over from projects done at home, garage sale leftovers and spring cleaning.  Check out the list and contact me if you have materials to get rid of.
    Tools: Clay tools, carving tools, brayers, paint brushes, palettes, rubber molds, rubber stamps, wire cutters, pliers, metal cutters, and rolling pins
    Craft supplies: Polymer clay(Sculpey III, Premo), Jewlery findings, yarn, craft acylic paints, rubber stamps, E6000 glue, markers, and steel wool
    Sculpture/3D supplies: Plaster, Polymer clay(Sculpey III, Premo), foamboard, mat board, Tacky glue, glass bottles/vases, wire, screws/nuts/bolts,small gears/gadgets, gallon size Ziploc bags and small wood pieces.