• College Requirements

    Most colleges require 2 years of Fine Arts for freshman entrance.


    ISU Freshman entrance requirements:  http://admissions.illinoisstate.edu/freshman/requirements/

    Applicants must also show successful completion of the following:

    • English – 4 years
    • Mathematics – 3 years (algebra, geometry, algebra II - trigonometry or higher)
    • Natural science – 2 years with laboratories
    • Social Science – 2 years
    • Foreign language – 2 years of one language OR Fine arts – 2 years of fine arts
    • Electives – 2 years  (We in the art department recommend this be in Art in order to build a strong portfolio)


     Art Scholarships

    Colleges will vary with what they offer and what is required for art scholarships.  In the art dept. we work with students to build a strong portfolio.  Usually by their Junior year of high school, they will need to have a good representation of 2D and 3D work in their portfolio.