• I sponsor ART CLUB after school.  It is open to students who are interested in creating art for the school, community and furthering their portfolio. Students are notified via the school's daily announcements as to when we meet. This year Art Club is working on writing and illustrating a book for our Cuban sister cities.  
    We have several major art events throughout the school year. 
    McLean County Art Center Competition: This is a competition for  high schools students in McLean County.  There is a selection process by the art center to decide what pieces get into the show.  Awards are presented in the following categories: Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Graphics, New Media and Photography. This event is in late Feb., March and April.
    Scholastic Art Awards: This is a prestigious art competition in which students can win on the local level and advance to the national level of competition.  Art colleges across the nation look at work from this competition in order to offer students art scholarships.  Students may submit individual pieces or portfolios of their work.