• How can I protect my voice?

    These are the things that may hurt my voice if I do them too much:

    1. screaming and yelling

    2. coughing

    3. clearing my throat

    4. laughing

    5. yelling while standing next to a loud machine or near loud noises

    6. making machine noises like a truck, airplane, saw, or motorcycle

    7. making animal noises like "roaring", "growling", "barking"

    8. talking when I'm very tired or sick

    9. yelling to call my dog

    10. talking or using my voice when I am nervous

    11. whispering in a loud whisper

    12. talking on the phone too long

    These are things I can do to protect my voice:

    1. If I feel like yelling, I will count to 10, stomp my feet, squeeze a ball
    of clay, punch a punching bag or pillow, or do 50 jumping jacks.

    2. Walk up to someone if I want to get their attention instead of yelling
    their name.

    3. If I have a sore throat, I should drink lots of water or suck on a
    throat lozenge.

    4. Drink lots of water everyday.

    5. Turn off the radio or loud machine before talking to someone.

    6. Ring a bell or whistle for my dog to come.

    7. Clap instead of yell at sports events.

    8. Write my feelings on a piece of paper if I am upset.

    9. Don't make lots of animal and machine noises.

    10. Don't whisper loudly.

    11. Try to listen more and talk less.