• Bored with your own exercise routine or looking for exercises to do as a family?  
    Check out this website.  Lots of different exercises with pictures!  Ready to go workouts all on one page! 
    Learn more about the Fitnessgram Physical Fitness tests at:
    Pyfp stands for Presidential Youth Fitness Program.
    This is a cool website if you want to learn more about kids nutrition.  There are activities for kids as well.
    Check out http://gonoodle.com for some really fun ways to get your kids off of the couch!  These are just silly songs that the kids move to. Some classes use this sight at school, so ask your child if they have a favorite Go Noodle song.  
    If you are looking for something to motivate your kids to move, get a Kid Power Band! 
    UNICEF partnered with Target to offer step counter watches.  Kids participate on missions and as they accumulate steps, funds are dispersed from UNICEF to malnourished children all over the world.  As they complete missions they get video clips from professional athletes. It requires you to have an app on your phone and missions do cost about $4 each but it is very cool.  My son has one and never stops moving because he wants to complete his missions to see how many kids he has helped.   The watches themselves are around $40 which is relatively cheap compared to Fitbit, Garmin and Polar products and they hold up very well but are not waterproof. 
     Kid Power Band