• Registration for May 2023 Exams runs from: 
    9/1/22 through 10/31/22 for year-long and semester 1 AP courses - This deadline has passed.
    1/1/23 through 2/28/23 for semester 2 only AP courses & students registering late (w/ addtl $40 late fee)
    AP PowerPoint Presentation

    Registration information was sent by email to all current AP students & guardians several times through September and October. Teachers also shared the registration information in their classrooms. 



    1.    Register for your AP Exams on Total Registration - this is where you will submit your payment for exams!  https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/143200  

    2.    Join your AP Classroom in College Board using the Join Code by - Your teacher has provided the Join Code to you.  If your teacher has not yet had you join their AP Classroom on College Board, please ask them for your join code. It will also be provided to you once you register in Total Registration. College Board Login
    Do not create another College Board account. You should already have an account, so please work with College Board directly if you cannot figure out your login information. Counselors are not able to assist with account login issues. Creating multiple accounts causes many issues with getting your scores. 
    *Please note that joining your AP College Board classroom is completely separate from the Google Classroom you have for the class.*


    Exam Cost:

    ·         $100 per exam if you register on time - $40 per exam late fee if registering after the 10/31/22 deadline for yearlong and semester 1 only AP courses.

    ·         Free/Reduced Lunch Students – $15/exam fee– mark the F/R question in Total Registration for the lowered amount. Only students who are currently approved for Free/Reduced lunch will qualify for this lowered exam fee.

    AP Exam Schedule May 2023

    Normal Community High School AP Exam Program
    Registration Information 
    Please see above information.
    All AP exams (with exception of those testing with accommodations) are held off campus and students are required to supply their own transportation.  A testing schedule, location map, and location information will ONLY be EMAILED to students in April, using the email address they registered with in Total Registration. Please register with an email address that the student will regularly check, as all communication regarding exams will be done through email.  Most exams take place at Heartland Community College and Eastview Christian Church.  

    AP Credit Policy Search – Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores at: https://apscore.collegeboard.org/creditandplacement/search-credit-policies
    AP and the Cost of College – Ever wonder how the cost of taking an AP exam compares with the cost of attending college. Here is some research published by College Board: 
    NCHS AP Coordinator:
    Kristi Chase
    Office Ph: 309-557-4655
    chasek@unit5.org (Email is best)