Most kindergartners enjoy a mid-morning snack.  A snack helps the boys and girls feel refreshed and more ready to concentrate on school. J     In our classroom, each child will bring his/her own snack each day.  I have found that the students do not need a large amount of snack midmorning, but a small, healthy snack helps the children re-energize and focus on their day. Due to food allergies, we will have a FRUIT or VEGETABLE only snack each morning.

    When sending your child’s snack, please consider the following:

    • Please do not send dips or sauces with your child’s snack.
    • Applesauce or fruit/veggie pouches are acceptable as snacks.
    • It is helpful if the snacks are packaged in a disposable container (not Tupperware)
    • Please send your child’s snack in a container separate from his/her lunch to avoid confusion! J
    • Many families find it easier to pack a few days’ snack in their child’s backpack at a time, or choose to leave an “extra” snack in the event that they forget their snack!


    If you have questions about our snack procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  Thank you very much for your support with this procedure!