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  • Sally Whitcomb
  • Hmmmm….now, what would you like to know about your third grade teacher?? I grew up in Mackinaw, about 30 miles west of here, and became a teacher after attending beautiful Illinois State University back in the day when we had to use typewriters for all of our work!! Much later, I went back there to get my Master’s in 2002.

    My 25+ years of teaching have taken me to several cities in Illinois as well as Florida. I’ve taught Title I Reading, 2nd grade, 4th grade, 1st grade, and now 3rd. Whew!

    So, what about my “other life?” Well, at home I have Mr. Whitcomb (he lets me call him John), my 22-year-old daughter Kelsey, who’s in college, my crazy dog Cosmo (he’s a Boston Terrier), and my cat with attitude, Chester. When we have a few days off, you’ll usually find the Whitcombs camping in Wisconsin.