List of Apps. that could be useful for smarties!

    1. MathBoard Free Math: students can practicemath facts at their own level choice

    2. FlashcardsFree Math: Studentscreate flashcards to study

    3. Flash topass Free Addition,subtraction, multiplication, division; 6 levels

    4. TanZen Lite Free Math: Students can rearrangetangrams to make different pictures

    5. Top-it-addition $1.99 McGraw Hill, students playfavorite Everyday Math game with a partner

    6. EverydayMath $1.99 Math:quick practice of basic multiplication facts (0-10)

    7. Splash Math Free First grade covers 185math skills;

    8. Splash Math Free Second grade covers 185math skills; winner of "Best Elem. St. App"

    9. Splash Math Free Third grade covers 185math skills; winner " " "

    10. Times TableQuiz Free Questionsfrom 2x2 to 12 x 12; progressive difficulty, multiple choice

    11. Multiplicationgenius Free Justwhat it says

    12. Fractionfactory FreeGame-like instruction and animation

    13. Quick graph Free Demonstrating and teachinggraphing, features graphic calculator

    14. Dictionary Free Literacy: students can look upwords, origin, part of speech, etc.

    15. Spelling CityFree Use with yourown spelling lists: hundreds of thousands of words

    16. PhonicsGenius Free blends,digraphs, letter sounds

    17. Sight Wordsby photo Learnsight words by sight, sound, & touch; add your voice,items

    18. My Spellingtest by Funflip: #1rated

    19. Storykit Free Electronic storybooks; editstory, change ending, etc.

    20. Mad Libs Free Literacy: Parts of speech

    21. Word Wrap X Free Literacy: students play gamesto practice spelling

    22. Tic Tac Toe Free Lakeshore Learning: tictac toe and phonics

    23. Chicktionary Free Literacy: use selected lettersto create as many words in certain time frame

    24. Sparklefish Free record creative words in yourvoice, or take turns, to complete stories

    25. SimpleMind+ Free Students can organize theirideas in a web to use for writing

    26. FlashcardletFree Letsyou study with any material or standardized test

    27. Word games Free Literacy: students play gamesto build vocabulary and spelling skills

    28. Story ideas .99 develop creative writing ideas

    29. Wordsw/Friends Free Likescrabble, but with friends

    30. Stackthe states FreeStudents learn the shape, capital, geographic location, & flag

    31. Oregontrail Free History class

    32. World widecapitals Free Teaching world geography with flashcards, lists, & quizzes

    33. Stack thecountries Litesee above

    34. Rocks Free Read, look at pictures of 3types of rocks, take quizzes on 5 levels

    35. This Day Free Soc. Sr: students can readabout events that took place every day

    36. Science 360 Free Nat. Sci. Radio focuses onlatest developments in sci. research

    37. ScientificMethod Freeresource for formulas: Alg, Geom, Physics, Periodic table, etc.

    38. Publish This .99 36,000 free books

    39. History Pin Free thousands of images andstories; reveals photos over the globe

    40. How to Smile Free 2,000 activities, games,experiments; browse by topic, or top 20

    41. Nasa app Free news stories, features,tweets, videos, and map information

    42. Planets Free contains three dimensionalmodels

    43. Astronomypicture Free browsethrough decades of photos: cosmic vistas, etc.

    44. Mitosis Free Teaches about cell divisionusing animation and actual video

    45. WhiteboardFree Use like aslate or dry erase board