• Therapy Mrs. Modglin assists students with primarily language deficits. These students may have difficulty understanding classroom vocabulary, directions, test questions and lecture. Some students may have weaknesses in expressing their ideas verbally and/or in writing. A few students have difficulty starting and continuing conversation. Mrs. Modglin helps these students learn ways to do these things better and practice these skills. A smaller population receive assistance with articulation, stuttering and other specific speech language deficits.
    Communication Resource 

    This is a small study hall for students with speech and language weaknesses. Students are provided with support for their academics as well as instruction to improve their speech and language skills identified within their IEP (Individualized Education Plan). P

    Foundations of Reading

    Class supported by SLP


    This is research-based developmental reading program for adolescents who read below their grade level. The curriculum is rooted in Jeanne Chall's Stages of Reading Development. It was developed at the Girls and Boys Town Reading Center in Nebraska. The class uses an analytical approach to teaching phonics. It promotes application of phonics in word recognition and oral reading. We emphasize accuracy in all reading activities. The 6 syllable types are taught and practiced. We employ collaborative learning techniques and incorporate challenging material.