• Advanced Placement Biology  Syllabus
     (Yearly 1 Credit) (11, 12) (AP Level)

     Prerequisite:  Physics I or current enrollment in Physics I

    This course is designed as an intense level biology course that has the equivalent of the materials that would be covered in freshman level college classes.  Daily studying and additional lab time are required for success in this class.  Topics included will be:  molecules and cells, genetics and evolution, and organisms and populations.  Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to take their Advanced Placement exam in May at their own expense.  Students receiving a high grade on the exam may be eligible for college credit depending on the score and college.  NOTE:  Students completing AP (Advanced Placement) Biology are not eligible to enroll in Biology II.

    Honors Biology  (Syllabus)

                            (Yearly 1 Credit) (9, 10)

    The course is designed for the student who desires a more challenging level of study at an accelerated pace.  Generally, students work in small groups of two or three and often independently. Peer interaction is encouraged.  This program is based upon fundamental life sciences concepts. Open-ended investigations are utilized to stimulate and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Self-motivation is required of the student who plans to be successful in this course. Real life connections to the curriculum are stressed as are inquiry based, hands-on laboratory activities.

    Molecular and Structural Biology (Syllabus)
    (Yearly 1 Credit) (11, 12)
    Prerequisite “C” or better in Biology/H. Biology and Chemistry or H. Chemistry
    This course is designed for juniors and seniors who are college bound and especially those intending a possible career in a science related field. The course will focus on molecular and Mendelian genetics, population genetics, as well as anatomy and physiology. Students will conduct many laboratory investigations and a variety of dissections, so regular attendance is necessary for success in this course.