• Each month, your child will bring home a new homework calendar.  Each day (Monday-Thursday) will have one or two assignments for the students to complete. Some assignments are written while others are activities for your child to do orally or with materials at home. All written assignments have a page in the packet for your child to complete the work.   

            In the packet you received at parent orientation, I included a handwriting formation sheet.  Please refer to this when helping your child letters at home, especially on their homework.  We are working hard at school to help the children form their letters correctly.  (If you need a new sheet, please let me know!!) Additionally, please make homework an important part of your nightly routine! Kindergarten is a time to establish routines and good habits.  By making homework time with your child fun and stress-free, you will help your child learn that homework can be fun! 

            As always, if you have any questions about our homework, please don’t hesitate to contact me!