• NCHS auditorium

  • Current Events:
    Tech Sat: 9/30 from 9 to 5 at Door J (behind school, music hallway - no other doors unlocked) All are welcome.

    Show shirts:
    Artwork to come, but taking orders - $18, cash or check to NCHS, size and name on envelope, in the file cabinet in rm 30.  Shirts available to anyone who pays. Need orders ASAP

    Parents we need you!:
    You have your own section on the right! Hyvee bagging on 10/22, and the fall play signup link is here.  (Also in the Parents' Corner: same link.) Please help if you can!

    Tech Crews:

    Tech Week Letter: Must read, please! Letter is here

    Diviners Cast List:

    Drama Club meetings: 
    Last Meeting's Minutes: here The next meeting is October 3rd!

    Drama Club meeting slide show from the first meeting: (TBA)

    We have a Google Classroom for Drama Club!  The code is qi22lo6. Join us!

    Join the Remind 101 for 22 23: just text @nchsthe to the number 81010

    Stay in touch: This webpage, the Classroom, Remind 101, Facebook, and our Instagram are linked on the right hand column

    A link for the last several years of year-end videos is here.  Enjoy!

    Underground link:  Here is the form to fill out if you are interested in creating an underground show. The link for year-round Underground is here

    Grant money for volunteering!   State Farm Matching Gift/Good Neighbor Grant The State Farm Companies Foundation will contribute a $500 grant to a qualifying nonprofit organization at which an eligible associate volunteers 40 hours or more within a calendar year. State Farm, Country Company, and many more major employers are also matching grant companies. 

    5 Easy Pieces Warm-Ups