•   For language concerns: your child may be placed into a RTI group (response to intervention) in order to receive help and collect data on progress.
      For articulation, voice, fluency concerns: A teacher or parent may also refer for through the building referral team (CARES).

             A screening may be completed by the school’s SLP.
    If the child passes the screening, suggested strategies may be recommended. If concerns are validated after the
             screening, a formal, standardized assessment  may be conducted.
             This  starts the special education process. This process could also include other  educational components (such 
             as motor abilities.)  Academic and language concerns must go through a different process with RTI
             mentioned above.

    ·             After  testing is completed, the team determines which area(s) the student is eligible  for special education.

    ·            If a student is eligible for services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed.