• Student 5 Essentials Survey

    Posted by SHAWN SCHWERMAN on 1/29/2016 5:00:00 AM



    Go to the above address and click on "start here" under student survey

    Enter your SIS number and then birthdate.  The survey will take you about ten minutes.  Submit when you are finished.  

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  • Python Council Food Drive

    Posted by SHAWN SCHWERMAN on 11/12/2015 7:00:00 AM

    Please help us collect food for the Salvation Army.  Students will receive $10 D team money for each item they donate up to 5 items. Python Council sends this message...

    We especially need the following items:


    Canned Fruit

    Boxed Stuffing

    Boxed Potatoes

    Boxed Dessert

    Gravy Mix

    Canned Corn

    Canned Green Beans

    Canned Yams

    Canned Soup

    Corn Bread Mix

    Peanut Butter

    Macaroni & Cheese

     *Any non-perishable items will be fantastic, but the above in particular are used to make holiday food baskets. 



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  • Pumpkin Auction

    Posted by SHAWN SCHWERMAN on 10/19/2015 4:00:00 PM

    The D team is in need of some pumpkins and gourds.  If you have some to donate, please have them to room 145 by the end of the day on Friday, October 23.  Our auction is on October 26 and we are decorating them for the contest on October 30.  

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  • End of First Quarter

    Posted by SHAWN SCHWERMAN on 10/13/2015 7:30:00 AM

    Don't forget - the end of the first quarter is Friday, October 16.  ALL work from this quarter is due by the end of the day.  Nothing will be accepted after this date that will apply towards a first quarter assignment.  

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  • 9/4 Weekly Update

    Posted by SHAWN SCHWERMAN on 9/3/2015 3:00:00 PM

    As we end our third week, we are still having a few technology issues.  We have a few students who still don’t have computers and a few applications that aren’t working correctly.  We are working with our tech department to try to solve these issues.  The team is trying to be patient. 


    MAP Testing:

    We will begin MAP testing next week.  Students will be taking their math test with Mr. Mc and their Reading test with Mrs. Schwerman.  Wednesday, they will take the math or reading test if they have that subject third hour.  On Thursday, fourth hour will take their test in their math or reading class and on Friday, fifth hour.  Thus, two of the three days they are testing and on the third day they will have science for a double block.  Below is an example in case you are confused…


    Johnny Jetson has 3rd hour Math, 4th hour Reading and 5th hour Science.

    Wednesday – 3rd and 4th hours he will take his Math test and will go to his 4th hour class 5th hour

    Thursday – 3rd and 4th hours he will take his Reading test and go to his 5th hour class during 5th hour

    Friday – 3rd and 4th hours he will have a double block of science and go to this 3rd hour class 5th hour.


    Still confused, we completely understand.  We are too some days!  Students will have their Language 1st hour and SS 8th hour with their homeroom teacher for all three days.  There will be no DDP. 


    Upcoming Field Trip:

    We are heading to Spurlock Museum on Friday, October 9.  Spurlock is located in Urbana and has great displays that work well with our Ancient Civilization curriculum.  We will be focusing on Ancient Egypt while there and will be able to do a fun hieroglyphic activity.  The cost for this trip will be $5.  $1 of this amount is to cover the activity and $1 is to pay for Spurlock to come to us for an activity in May for our Middle Ages unit.  The remaining $3 is applied to the cost of the bus.  Please send in your child’s $5 to their homeroom teacher before October 9. 


    We are in need of approximately ten chaperones for this trip.  If you love history and would like to spend a few hours on a school bus, let me know.  It really is worth the trip.  We will be stopping by the mall for lunch at the food court – in case you need the incentive.  J



    It has come to our attention that many students are not reading at home.  Please make sure that your child is reading at home each night.  They should shoot for about 30 minutes and this can be done in three blocks of ten minutes or two fifteen minute blocks.  It is best if someone times them simply to keep them focused on their book and not worried about when to stop (if they aren’t completely engrossed like I would be).



    Team website – www.unit5.org/dteam -

    Supplies - some students don’t have composition books.  Be sure to get them while they are still on sale.


    Upcoming Dates:

    Wednesday, September 16 – Science test


    Question for your child?  What is their favorite time of the day and why? 


    Questions?  Concerns?  Please let us know.  We appreciate the opportunity to spend the day with your child.


    D team


    Mrs. Beckman – beckmane@unit5.org

    Mr. Mc – mcmorrdg@unit5.org

    Mrs. Rolfs – rolfsj@unit5.org

    Mrs. Schwerman – schwersl@unit5.org

    Mrs. Winstead – winsteac@unit5.org



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