• Algebra 1 - Course Description

    Using variables or letters to represent numbers.  Algebra is generalized arithmetic.  Emphasis is placed on functions/patterns, solving equations inequalities, polynomials, factoring, quadratics and linear equations.  Algebra provides the background for the future study of more complex mathematics.  Completion of this course provides the student with the skills necessary to study Geometry.

    Fundamental Algebra 2 - Course Description (TI Graphing Calculator NOT required)

    Elementary Algebra 2 is a course designed for anyone who has experienced difficulty in Geometry or Algebra. Emphasis in this class is placed upon expanding the algebraic concepts taught in Algebra. This course is not designed for students who intend to enroll in Pre-Calculus or Finite Math/Probability and Statistics. Successful completion of this course provides the student with the algebraic skills necessary to study College Algebra, Exploring Math or STEM Trig.