• Mr. Beal’s Classroom                                


    MR. Beal’s Classroom

    THE GOLDEN RULE: You will treat all persons and objectsin this room with respect at all times. Our first priority is to establish a positive learning environment whereeveryone is comfortable to learn and be themselves.



    TARDINESS: Arrive to class on time everyday. Whenthe bell rings, be in the classroom, ready to learn!


    ·        2nd  Tardy: Parent/guardian will be contacted andyou’ll serve a 15 minute detention in addition to a parent call,

    ·        3rd Tardy:  you’ll be referred to the Assistant Principal.



    MATERIALS: Bring your required text, paper andpens or pencils with you EVERY DAY toclass.



    ELECTRONIC DEVICES: If electronic devices are seen orheard during class time (that means fromthe starting bell to closing bell), a referral will be issued. If you’reunfamiliar with the school’s new policy regarding electronic devices, check outpage 28 of the 2013-2014 handbook.



    PASSES: I can not allow you to leave the roomwithout a pass.


    ·        Restroompasses are for emergencies only! Use the passing period for restroom visits.



    LATE WORK: Following school policy, any work youmissed due to an absence is due two days after you arrive back at school. 


    ·        Ifyou are present on the day an assignment is due but you do not have itfinished, you may turn it in one day late for a 25% reduction of the possible grade.

    ·        No credit will be issued for work misseddue to truancy.

    ·        Anywork turned in after the due date, whether you were absent or not, must beturned in with a Past Due formattached to it.

    ·        Ifyou return the day of a test or major project that was assigned before yourabsence (and you haven’t missed any major preparations), be prepared totake/complete on that day!

    ·        Ifyou plan to be absent due to athletic involvement, a doctor’s visit or someother school-appropriate reason, let meknow before the absence. I will give you make-up work and due dates at thattime.





    ·        Usethe language you know is appropriate for the classroom and stay on the topic ofclassroom appropriate subjects.

    ·         Anyone who demonstrates racist, sexist or anyother type of intolerant behavior will be referred without a warning.

    ·        Treatthe classroom like your second home—no drawing on desks, gum under desks orleaving waste behind, please!


    FOOD: You may bring bottles of water toclass. This is the only food or drink allowed in class, unless otherwise notedby Mr. Beal



    COMPUTER USAGE: Use of computers is a privilege, not aright!


    ·        Makesure both your log-in and password work at all times. It’s your responsibility.


    ·        Usethe computer labs for their intended purpose, or you will be forced to log off.No exceptions.




    I will offerthis through:


    ·        OccasionalTrivia Questions (usually about 5 ptsper question)


    ·        Findingand presenting an article, advertisement or other media source related to whatwe are reading in class and explaining its connections in an interesting way(Must be OK’d by Mr. Beal)—10 pts perpresentation


    ·        Extracredit can not take the place of homework or tests. If you have multiple missing assignments in one week orhave not made up tests or major assignments, you will not be eligible for extra credit until you’ve caught upon your classwork.


    FINALLY…come to class with a mind set onsuccess and an attitude to match and you will be successful!



    I lookforward to a great school year with you! Please feel free to contact me regardingany questions you may have regarding any of my classroom policies.





    Jeffrey Beal

    EnglishTeacher, Normal Community West High School