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    Local Competition 


    General Information

    • There are only two or three competitions.

      • Teams who qualify at the local competition will be invited to the regional competition. If a team qualifies at the regional competition, they will be invited to the mid-west finals. If a team does not qualify at locals or later at regionals, then their competition season is finished.


      • The local and regional competitions are one-day competitions. The mid-west finals is a two-day competition. It will require an overnight at a nearby hotel. The competitions occur during the school day. Students are responsible for any missed schoolwork. 

      • The past few years, Adventures in Learning has combined the regional and finals into one, one-day competition held in Mt. Vernon, IL.  We have not yet heard if that will be the case this year. 
    • Transportation

      • Unit 5 will provide transportation to and from the competition. Students do not need to bring any supplies on the day of the competition. Lunch and all supplies are provided.

    • Parents are invited, but not required, to come and watch the challenges.

    • Financial Commitment

      • There is an entry fee for each competition. This year's fees have not yet been announced. Last year, the local competition was $120 per team ($35 per person), regionals was $180 per team ($45 per person), and finals was $440 per team ($110 per person). Each of the four group members will split the cost.


      • Students who qualify for the finals will also have additional costs for two nights of lodging. The same gender students on the team may share a room and split the cost. The last two years that total for the finals competition and overnight was  $125 per person.


      • The school pays the transportation, and for a substitute teacher to cover Mrs. Hinshaw's class while she is at the competition.  The remainder of the money is raised from donations.  We will also be investigating various fundraising possibilities (working concession stands, Krispy Kreme punch cards, Butterbreads etc).