What is Team Quest?

    • At Chiddix, Team Quest is a club designed to challenge students to demonstrate their academic ability and creativity along with promoting teamwork. Teams will be created to work on solving problems in many areas of academic instructions including music, arts, geography, history, language arts, science and mathematics. Students will apply this knowledge to real life problems while incorporating creativity, imagination and engineering into many different activities. Teams will discover that they can excel by working together to do their best.

    • There are two ways to be involved in Team Quest. The club is open to all Chiddix students. The club portion will involve activities, trivia and challenges that teams would face in a competition. Students wishing to put their skills to the test may try-out for the competition team. Club and competition teams will work side by side during club meetings.

    • If you make the team you will be assigned to a team with three other individuals for the local competition. If your team qualifies you will advance to the regional competition and try to qualify for the finals. If you do not make the competition team or do not qualify at a competition you are still a member of the club and may continue coming to meetings throughout the year.

    • Adventures in Learning hosts an "ultimate academic challenge" they call Team Quest (hence the club name). They have local competitions throughout Illinois, Texas, North Carolina and a few other states. Students compete at the local level to qualify for regionals and then try to qualify for finals. For more information about Adventures in Learning visit their website www.ailteam.com.




    When will Team Quest meet?

    • Team Quest will meet every Monday. We will begin with a Monday for 6th grade students only, the next Monday will be for 7th and 8th grade students. We will continue to alternate between these two groups throughout the year. For a more complete schedule, check the Calendar link.

    • Meetings will be in Room 313 from 3:45 until 5:15pm. Students should make arrangements for rides to pick them up by 5:30 pm from the front lobby. Students will wait in the lobby until their rides have picked them up. There will be no roaming either in the school or outside the school.



    Is there a cost for being in Team Quest?

    • There is an initial fee of $20 for joining the club. This will cover the cost of various supplies and snacks that will be provided during the club meetings.

    • Students who qualify for the competitions will have additional fees.

      • Local competition team entry fee will be approx. $120. Split between four people means each member will need to pay $30. This will cover all meals, transportation and materials used at the competition.

      • Students who place at local competition and qualify for regional competition will again have to pay a team entry fee which will be split between all four members. The cost at regionals is slightly higher - approx. $50 per person.

      • Students who place at regionals and qualify for the finals will split the cost with one other member of their team for the hotel costs for two nights, two meals and perhaps some of the entry fee. The past few years that has equated to $120 per person. However, this may increase this year to $200 if we are unable to fundraise enough money for the entry fee and the bus.

    • We are looking into the possibility of a fundraiser to offset the cost of the competition fees. If you are interested in helping with fundraising, please let me know



    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do I have to compete in Team Quest in order to be in the club?
      No, the Team Quest club will provide students the change to experience several activities similar to ones at the competition.

    • Do I have to come to club meetings in order to compete?
      Yes, you need to be a regular at club meetings if you make the competition team. It is imperative that you and your team mates get to know each other and have several experiences together prior to the competition.

    • What if I don't have a team of people to work with?
      During the meetings, students will be placed in teams of two, three or four. On some days, group will be assigned. At other times, groups will be selected at random or the students may choose their own groups.

    • How will competition teams be chosen?
      If a student demonstrates at the Team Quest meetings that they have the behavior to represent Chiddix at the local competition, they will be allowed to compete. If the team qualifies for regionals, and the student has good attendance and appropriate behavior they will be allowed to continue competing at regionals and at finals (if their team qualifies).