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    Dear Team 8A Families: Tuesday, October 1, 2019


    On Tuesday, October 8, Team 8A is taking a field trip to the Evergreen Cemetery Walk in Bloomington. We will be leaving Evans at 10:30 AM and head to the shopping area near the old Cub Foods where students will be able to choose a restaurant--DQ, Chipotle, Meatheads, Noodles--where they’ll eat lunch. They are responsible for their own lunch money, getting a sack lunch from the school or bringing their own sack lunch. The Cemetery Walk goes from 12:30-1:45 PM. We will return to school at approximately 2 PM. The team is taking care of the bus cost for our students; if you would like to donate $2 or $3 to offset the cost of busing, it would be much appreciated.


    Thanks so much!

    Team 8A

    Team 8A Awards
    Team 8A chooses student award winners every 3-4 weeks.  As a reward, the students get a certificate and a full-size candy bar.  We are in need of more full-size candy bar donations.  If you are willing to help, you could send the donations to school with your child.  Thanks for considering!