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    Math 8 Mini Quiz for HWK


    Did IXL in class

    HWK#4 & 5 QUIZ for HWK HWK#6
    Algebra  HWK#3 HWK#4  HWK#5 QUIZ for HWK Hwk#6

    Lit. & Comp.

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    Revolver Read-aloud

    No Homework

    INDY READ due on Friday!

    "Zero Hour" Sci Fi/Horror Analysis W.S. due tomorrow

    Watched "Zero Hour" today in class 

    INDY READ due on Friday--2 days left

    Bring INDY book to the IMC tomorrow! 

    INDY Reading Day in the IMC

    INDY sheets due tomorrow!

    All INDY sheets are due by Monday! 
    Language Arts    Finish naviance packet Start on slides for speech   Finish slides for speech tomorrow  Speech Slides
    Social Studies    Finish Root Cause paper for letter tomorrow  Finish rough draft for your Social Justice Issue letter  Finish Social Justice Issue letter Social Justice Letter due today! 
    Science    Turn in EPA climate change expedition None   None  Hour of Code today


    Parents please use the following sign-up Genius link to make donations for Semi-formal on May 3rd.

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