Our Schedule



    We have P.E. every da at the end of our day!

    We have lunch from 12:20-1:10. The children eat first and then have recess.
    We will take a snack break in the middle of our morning.  Please send an individual snack daily for your child as we are trying to be healthy.  No peanut products as we need to be considerate of our class-family members who have food allergies.
    Music- Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:55-11:20
    Art- Mondays 10:40-11:20
    Technology Time in the Library- Wednesdays 10:40-11:35


    If your child is absent, please contact the office by 9:00 on the day that your child is absent. Also, if you could write me a quick note explaining your child’s absence, it would be appreciated. Please send a note with your child if you have a planned absence (i.e. vacation, Dr. appointment, etc.). Any missed work will need to be made up either at home or at school, depending on the assignment..


    We celebrate Happy Birthdays, Hawaiian style. The birthday star wears leis and we sing in a very fun way. If you are bringing treats for your child’s birthday, you can send them with your child, bring them in before school or call me and set up a time to come in with them. You are always welcomed to join us for the celebration. If your child has a summer birthday, we can celebrate it on their ½ birthday. We do have children with food allergies, so the snack must be store bought and peanut-free.

    Book Bags

    Your child should bring a book bag with them to school every day. Usually, all completed papers that are not kept at school, will come home on Friday or the last day of the week, if there is not school on Friday. It may be necessary to send home notes or papers during the week, so please check inside their folder each night. Homework will be checked each day (Tuesday-Friday). Your child should try to keep a pocket folder for homework in their bags.

    Book-It Reading Program

    This is a monthly reading incentive program sponsored by Pizza Hut that begins in October and ends in February. Monthly reading goals will be set and if your child meets the monthly goal, then they will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza. Monthly forms will be sent home. Please make sure your child is doing the reading!!!! We do not want any parent signing the monthly sheet if the reading goal has not been met. To accomplish this goal your child may read alone or taking turns with someone else. There will be reading goals sent home for the months not covered by the Book-It program with incentives to earn from me.

    Book Orders

    Book orders will be sent home periodically throughout the year. There will be a due date sent home with the order form. It takes about 1-2 weeks for the books to come to Prairieland. Please make your check out to the Book Company. This would be a great way to purchase books for your home library, since many of them are half of the regular store prices. Remember that there is absolutely no obligation to buy any of them.

    Classroom Management System

    At Benjamin, we will be implementing a school-wide… Give a Benjamin Bear “GROWL”. This system will focus on trying to catch your child displaying our behavioral expectations throughout the entire building using the word “GROWL” to stand for our behavioral expectations. Our classroom will be a nurturing learning environment that encourages positive attitudes and behaviors. I approach our class as a big family. The children will learn how to handle conflicts and appreciate and learn how to respect one another. They will also be responsible for their actions. There will be warnings, reminders, consequences and positive reinforcement to promote responsible and respectful students with safety in mind at all times. If your child has a difficult time with this and needs reinforcement from home, I will be sending a note home to discuss the concerns with you. Please reflect with your child and return it the next day.



    Communication is very important and I will try to keep you informed of all the major happenings throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me anytime at school or at home (451-8955). I will also be sending home a Communication Log in your child’s homework folder where you can write to me if you have any comments, concerns, or questions. Every month there will be a classroom newsletter that will be sent home updating you on the important events that have taken place in our learning environment. I try to write the newsletter in a way that will allow you to initiate a conversation with your child. This is a great way for your child to review and discuss their learning experiences at school. This newsletter will help you by offering key questions to ask your child and to give you some insight on the topics and activities that we are learning about and doing at school. Anytime you have something to share about any of our topics, please let me know. We love to have guests at school!!!

    Grading System

    The following grading system is used in Second Grade:

    3 (Consistent mastery of the standard)

    2 (Developing skills and concepts of the standard))

    1 (Needs continuous teacher support to meet standard)

    When I look at grading, I focus on your child’s individual growth and how that growth correlates to our goals and objectives for Second Grade. I try to focus on their effort to try to build their self-confidence to feel secure enough to take risks.


    Guided Reading

    We participate in Guided Reading through a Reader’s Workshop approach 3-4 times a week. The children will all be screened at the beginning of the year and then put into flexible groups. The groups may change throughout the year. The children will be reading books each time they are in Guided Reading that are at their independent reading level. The children will know 90% of the words. Basically, this approach relies on teaching the children many strategies or “tools” to use to become successful and fluent readers. As their confidence builds, so will their reading ability. The children will be trying to successfully read the 10% of the unknown words to them by using these strategies or “tools”. During this time, the children will be also learning skills, working on their comprehension, and doing extensions. You will see your child dive into reading, enjoy it (if they don’t already), and see their confidence increase through this program. When they are not in their Guided Reading group, they will be listening to stories, writing, working on word work, and much more.

    Library Books

    Please have your child return their library books on time each week so that they can check out new ones. This should be your child’s responsibility. I encourage you to have a routine setup for caring for their library books so that they are not misplaced. Once I know our Library check-out day, I will communicate that information to you.

    Lunch Recess

    They will be going outside unless the weather does not permit it. They will rotate between going to the gym and playing games in their classroom when going outside is not an option. If your child needs to stay inside because of an illness, injury, allergies, etc. please send a written note. I will only keep them in for 3 days without a doctor’s written note.


    We are using an excellent hands-on, vocabulary enriched math series this year. Your child will be getting a very in-depth experience. Instead of touching on a lot of topics briefly, the Everyday Math series creates problem-solvers by engaging them in very real-life, practical situations. We also will be engaging in math games.

    Math Sundaes

    Towards the end of the year, we have a motivational program to help us remember our basic addition and subtraction facts. I do not believe in the traditional timed test because I feel that it can be a very stressful and detrimental to your child’s self-esteem. I have added a different twist to this concept. I focus on the progress of them learning the facts. They can take as much time as they want and then they have to try to beat their time without missing more than 1. This focuses on accuracy and quality instead of speed. To get ready for this, please try to practice their addition and subtraction facts throughout the year. We will be learning and reviewing strategies to help us learn them in the beginning of the year. Please try to reinforce this throughout the year.

    Meet Mrs. Fisher

    This is my 19th year of teaching. During my first year of teaching, I taught 3rd grade at Epiphany Grade School. The next 5 years I taught 2nd grade at Brigham Elementary. I taught at Prairieland since it opened in 1999-2000 school year. I am very proud and happy to be a Benjamin Bear and have the privilege of being a part of this beautiful school. I graduated from Bloomington High School where I had the unique experience of having my father as a teacher and a coach. My mother is also a retired teacher from Bloomington High School, but I wasn’t lucky enough to have her for a teacher.  My husband is a teacher as well and teaches adapted P.E. at Grove, Northpoint, and Pepper Ridge. He also has his own business and teaches teenagers how to drive.  We have three children who all attend Benjamin Elementary School.   I think it is pretty obvious that teaching is literally in my “blood”. I graduated from Illinois State University and received my master’s degree in Administration.

    Meeting Individual Needs

    I am dedicated to working with your child to meet his/her individual needs throughout the year. I really focus on maintaining and/or improving their self-esteem. I am dedicated to consistently keeping them challenged. I will help them through their frustrations and motivate them to attack new challenges. I have extension activities and centers set up at all times throughout the year. These activities are offered to all the children. If you ever have any concerns or questions about this, please do not hesitate to call me for a conference. Your insight is the Key to all of this working.

    Parent Volunteers

    As I have stated earlier, I like to engage children in their learning. Being actively involved in their learning allows for more motivation, connection, growth, and fun!!! To have this active environment, parent or grandparent volunteers would be very helpful. There will be a volunteer sheet sent home for you to fill out. Please keep in mind that you are always welcome to join us at anytime. Please remember that you have to go through the Unit #5 volunteer screening process to be able to help at school. 


    Your child will have a portfolio that will consist of their BEST work, special activities, important work, creative poems, etc. The children will be keeping the majority of their work here at school. As I have stated previously, I like to engage the children in their learning through “hands-on” activities. Please do not expect a lot of “paper” to come home. However, this does not mean that we are not working hard and learning new things. Please utilize the newsletters to communicate with your child about their learning. They will be taking these portfolios home right before Christmas vacation and at the end of the year as well.


    We will be having a Thanksgiving Program and a Mother’s Day Program this year for all of your family to enjoy. I will try to let you know in as advanced notice as possible.

    Report Cards / Progress Reports

    Report cards are sent home 3 times a year. This is a new reporting system this year. Progress reports are sent home in the middle of every trimester to communicate your child’s progress.


    Healthy snacks are always welcomed in Second grade!!!! Please provide an individual snack for your child each day. To respect and ensure the safety of our class-family, I am asking for no peanut products or items made in a peanut factory.  Fruits and vegetables are highly encouraged.  We do have students with food allergies. We will be having snack each morning since we eat lunch at a later time.

    Special Events Outside of School

    I truly enjoy being a part of your child’s life. If they are in any special events (piano recitals, soccer games, gymnastics, swimming, baseball games, basketball games, performances, etc.) outside of school, please let me know. I will make every effort to be there!!!!


    In second grade, our spelling program will include two components: sight words and word patterns. The sight words are words that are most frequently used in writing. Each week, the students will be given  words to study. These words are learned best through practice and memorization. In addition to the sight words, the students will study a word pattern each week. These word patterns may consist of word families, prefixes, suffixes, or word parts. Throughout the week, the class will practice spelling, writing and reading words from this pattern. The challenge words are given to all students and are optional.  There are two dictated sentences using the words from the week.  In addition, there are 5 try-it out words that follow the same pattern but have not been studied.  This is to show that your child can apply the pattern.  Our tests will be on Friday.  We do practice our patterns each week through word work.


    Star Student

    I will be sending home a note letting you know when it is your child’s week. When it is their week, they will need to bring in a bag that is special to them somehow, and 3-5 items that are also special to them. Please try not to send all toys. I would like to see family pictures, trophies, or other sentimental items. Pets are welcomed, but please call me ahead of time to arrange a good time. They need to work on their Star Student Poster. They need to bring the items in their special bag to school and Star Student Poster on the day of their Star Student Presentation. All the children will listen to your child discuss and explain their items and then we will be making a class-book based on the information they learned about your child. During this time, I really focus on giving and receiving put-ups or compliments. Parents may join us for this fun activity. Your child will get to take this book home to share with the family, and then it can be added to your home library. Your child may bring in a star student treat to share with the class. Bringing a peanut-free treat for the class is completely up to your family.

    Water Bottles

    Your child may keep a water bottle on their desk throughout the year. I have explained to the children that they are not to play with them. If this is a problem, the water bottle will be sent home with a note and will not be allowed to come back to school.

    Weekend News

    At the beginning of each week the children will be writing in their Weekend News notebook about their weekend. This is a great way to see their writing development throughout the year. It also gives the children a chance to go back and reflect on their year.