• To register for the SAT, please visit 
    College Board provides FREE SAT test prep through Khan Academy

    NCHS School Code = 143-200 (in order for us to receive your scores)
    Test center code (to test at NCHS when available) = 14107

    ** Seniors - Class of 2020 - the SAT given by NCHS is still required for graduation. You received an email regarding this information. A-L will be testing September 23, 2020 and M-Z will be testing on October 14, 2020. If you miss these test dates you will be required to sit for the SAT with juniors in April of 2021.**
    **Juniors DO NOT register for the state School Day SAT given in April of 2021. The school is responsible for doing so. It is free for current juniors.* 

    To register for the ACT, please visit www.actstudent.org.  
    The school code for NCHS is 143-200 (in order for us to receive your scores)
    ACT Test Center Code (for students wanting to take the ACT at NCHS) is 157510.  

    PSAT Suite of Assessments
    The PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT are all exams given at NCHS.  Starting with the 2018.19 school year, Freshmen are required to take the PSAT 8/9, Sophomores are required to take the PSAT 10, and juniors have the option to take the PSAT.  For PSAT related information, please visit: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/
    ALL Juniors will be required to take a free SAT (with writing) in April 2021, as part of Illinois state requirements.
    Most all colleges in the United States still accept either the ACT and the SAT.  
    There are some colleges/universities (mostly private) that require or encourage students to take 2 SAT Subject Area Tests...these are different than the regular SAT exam.  
    Please visit
    https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat-subject-tests to learn more about these tests and how to register for them.
    ACT/SAT Prep Classes:
    Free SAT Prep class - online or through an app.  Students are able to link their SAT/College Board and Khan Academy accounts for more personalized test prep.  
    College Planning Resources 4 U 
    Robyn Kahwaji
    ACT/SAT Prep and College Financial Services available
    Heartland Community College Prep Classes
    Offered at various times throughout the school year
    Anita Claircoates (Retired NCHS Teacher)
    Juniors only ACT/SAT Prep in reading/comprehension/English
    (309) 706-2330 - $300 for 10 hours of prep instruction
    Click here for registration information.  Forms also 
    available in the Counseling office. 
    Better Test Scores Program
    Jason Franklin   http://www.bettertestscores.net 
    Sylvan of Bloomington/Normal - ACT Prep  
    Prep Expert - A Shark Tank and Mark Cuban company for SAT and ACT prep classes - online or in-person in select cities
    PrepFactory - free online test prep for ACT and SAT
    March 2 Success - Online Prep provided by the Army
    This is free online ACT/SAT practice tests.  Students can create an account that is available to them 24/7.  The site for this program is https://www.march2success.com/
    Chegg Test Prep
    SAT National Test Dates

    SAT Registration Information 

    Mobile Apps:
    SAT Score Converter - Convert old SAT scores to the New SAT scores and compare/convert SAT/ACT scores
    SAT Online Resources: 
    Inside the Test  - learn about the new SAT test and the sections you will be tested over
    SAT vs. ACT - College Board (SAT company) comparison chart.  
    SAT Study Guide -  click to access the SAT Study Guide website and link to online practice tests provided by SAT/College Board
    SAT - Taking the Test -  find out what to expect on test day, what to bring, what not to bring, and test center policies.
    ACT Mobile Apps:
    ACT Online Resources:
    ACT Student Web Account - Students can set up an ACT Student Web Account to register for the ACT.  The student account allows students to make changes to their test option, test date, or test center, add, change, or delete college choices, receive email updates from ACT about registration, view your scores and request additional score reports. 
    ACT Online Prep - ACT Online Prep offers practice tests with real ACT test questions, a diagnostic test, and a personalized Study Path, and comprehensive content review for each of the ACT's four multiple-choice tests - English, mathematics, reading, and science.  Also included are practice essays with real-time scoring for the optional Writing Test. 
    ACT Academy
    ACT Prep Website - this is a website with some ACT prep materials