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    Choosing a Career
    Planning and choosing a career is one of life's most important decisions.  Unlike previous generations, people entering the work force today can expect to have between 8 to 15 career changes.  In addition approximately 80% of the jobs in the future will not require a college degree both some type of vocational or post-secondary training.  A common problem among high school students is few know what to do with their lives after graduation.  Their understanding of career options is very limited, and many determine their career goals by inaccurate stereotypes rather than the realities of the working world. 
    Course selection during high school should include some variety so that a student can explore career areas of interest.  The Counseling Office has many resources to assist students with career exploration, and Naviance is one of the most useful tools that NCHS has available.  This comprehensive internet based tool is accessible from the drop-down menu on the NCHS Counselors website. Students will be working with this tool throughout their 4 years at NCHS with our College & Career Counselor, Mrs. Hawkins.  
    Students not only can determine possible career choices and explore them, but assess their skills, find schools that offer their area of interest, create a portfolio and resume, and locate scholarships/financial resources to attend school.  We encourage all students and parents/guardians to talk with a counselor and avail themselves of the resources in the Counseling Office. 
    Work Permits
    Applications for Employment certificates for 14 & 15 year old students are available in the NCHS Main office.  Certificates of Age will be issued by the Assistant Principals for students 16 years of age and over.