Mr. Roller's Contact Information

    Listed below is my schedule for the 2019-2020 school year.  I have a voice mailbox through the school, but the best way to reach me is via email at rollerm@unit.org.

    Also listed below is a brief biography of everything you didn't want to know about me!


      Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue
        NCHS seal Mike Roller
    Chemistry Teacher
    Normal Community High School
    3900 E. Raab Rd.
    Normal, IL   61761
    2019-2020 Schedule
    Office: Rm 227 - First Semester - - Second Semester - 


    Course Room Course Room
    1 8:30 - 9:19 Honors Chemistry 237 Honors Chemistry 237
    2 9:23 - 10:12 Honors Chemistry 237 Honors Chemistry 237
    3 10:16  - 11:05 Chemistry II 237 Chemistry II 237
    4 11:09 -11:58 Conference 227 Conference 227
    5 12:02 - 12:51 Supervision/Lunch 227 Supervision/Lunch 227
    6 12:55 - 1:44 Conference 227 Conference 227
    7 1:48 - 2:37 Chemistry II
    237 Chemistry II 237
    8 2:41- 3:30 Honors Chemistry  237 Honors Chemistry   237


    MS Teaching of Chemistry
    (University of Illinois'06)

    BS Chemistry
    (University of llinois'04)   

    Courses: Honors Chemistry and Chemistry II


    Hobbies: Movies, music, books, underwater basket weaving,    llama  herding, and professional belly dancing
    Did you know? My wife and I had our first child, Jordan Elizabeth, in late June, 2012.  We received some wonderful gifts from friends and family that know us all too well.  In addition to plenty of Cubs apparel (it's very important to start them young), we received a set of building blocks.  Instead of having the letters of the alphabet as is typical, the blocks have elements from the periodic table!  This is perfect for me for obvious reasons, but also in that my wife is an architect, so the building blocks work well for her too!  This child has no chance!

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