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    Weekly Activities in Mr. Broach’s Classroom








    MM 168, Home Link- 5-1

    Common Denominator Strategies
    MJ 156-157

    MB 158

    MM 170, Home Link 5-2

    MB 159 

    MJ 160-162

    MM 175, Home Link 5-3

    Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    MJ 163-164

    Reviewing Decimals
    MJ 165-166

    Home Link 5-4, MM 180

    Solving Fraction-Of Problems, MJ 167

    3 Sets OF 7  oranges equals ????
    Fraction of Fraction Cards (Activity Sheet 17)

    MB 168

    Home Link 5-5, MM 182

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    Non-Fiction Book Clubs

    Review the different non-fiction text structures

    Scholastic News

    Cheetah Time- Chapter 22 and 23

    Non-Fiction Unit- Continue to Learn about Non-Fiction Text Structures (such as Compare/Contrast, Sequence, Cause --> Effect), begin to identify the different types of structures.

    Watch video listed below.

    Get Non-Fiction Book Groups.  Mr. Broach is meeting with groups to discuss each book.   

    Cheetah Time- Chapters 30-31, Work on Hidden Obstacles (Invisible Disabilities) Project

    As students finish their Non-Fiction books they should complete each section with the Text Structures listed.  As they finish this up, students can select an additional NF book to read.  


    Cheetah Time- Chapters 32-33, Figurative Language Packet- Due at the end of this week

    Continue to learn about Text Structures. 

    Non-Fiction Book Club

    Cheetah Time- Chapters 34-35, Figurative Language Packet

    Non-Fiction reading and Text Structure identification continued.

    Non-Fiction Book Club

    Cheetah Time- Chapters 36-37, Turn in Figuarative Language Packet today.   

    Coming Up:
    Class Novel- When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead


    Field Trip to the Challenger Learning Center

    Physical vs Chemical Changes Presentation Project

    Physical vs Chemical Changes Presentation Project

    Interactive Notebook for Physical and Chemical Changes

    Interactive Notebook for Physical and Chemical Changes

    Coming Up:
    Fireworks Article

    Social Studies


    Finish up Diorama and present to class

    Begin learning Independence.  Pages 147-155.  Have small groups focus on one person in the text and give a two minute summary to the class about him/her.  


    Patrick Henry, pages 156-159


    The Declaration of Independence, pages 161-167

    Coming Up:
    Jefferson's conflicting ideas vs. Reality

    The Revolutionary War






     Begin How To writing. Come up with topic and begin to explore how to teach someone else the steps for this topic.  

    A BAD example will be provided from Mr. Broach.  Don't do what he does!

    Find two resources that can help you with your HOW TO essay. 

    You will write out the steps and then you can think about actually presenting it to the class or showing others.  


    Complete an outline for your essay.  Once it is done, you may begin typing it up.  

    Type up your essay on your HOW TO topic.

    Coming Up:



    Greek and Latin, List 4


    Test next Friday

    Sparkle Spelling


     Coming Up-   

    Other Information



     Double Music Session at 10:20 Double Music Session at 10:20  


    Fireworks Article- https://newsela.com/read/chemistry-july-fourth/id/32340/

    Non-Fiction Text Structures Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kWGQ-_ipBY




    George Washington's Portrait- https://www.georgewashington.si.edu/kids/non-flash.html


    Reading Comprehension Strategies- https://www.readingrockets.org/article/key-comprehension-strategies-teach



    US History Games

    Bill of Rights- https://www.icivics.org/games/do-i-have-right

    The Constitution- https://www.icivics.org/games/race-to-ratify

    Win the Whitehouse- https://www.icivics.org/games/win-white-house


    Fun Social Studies and Math Game with coordinates- https://mrnussbaum.com/coordinates-online-game