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    Weekly Activities in Mr. Broach’s Classroom








    Lesson 1-8- Measuring Volume by looking at layers

    MJ Activity Sheet- 2

    MJ 22-23

    MB 21

    MB Preview for Ch. 2- page 24

    Baseball Multiplication- MM G3

    Lesson 1-9- Formulas for Volume

    MJ 25-26

    MB 27

    Home Link 1-9, MM pg 30

     Lesson 1-10
    Visualizing Volume

    MJ 28-30

    MB 31

     Lesson 1-11
    Yes, More Volume!

    MJ 32

    MB 33

    Home Link 1-11, MM 36


     Lesson 1-12

    Prism Pile Up

    Prism Pile Up Game- MJ Activity Sheets 3-4, MM G6

    MJ 34-35

    Coming Soon: 

    Study Guide- Chapter 1 Test

    Chapter 1 Math Test- Next week


    Continue with Mini-Project Day for Night of the Twisters

    Independent Reading- Roam Reading or Desk Reading- Mr. Broach will continue to assess reading for individual students

    Chapter 10- Midnight- page 112


    Questions on Chapter 9 and 10

    Finish up mini-project and Vocabulary Sheet for NOTT



     Present tornado safety communication to class

    Chapter 11- Early Morning, page 131


    Independent Reading- Roam Reading or Desk Reading- Mr. Broach will continue to assess reading for individual students





    Coming soon:



    Begin Biomes

    What is an ecosystem? What are Biomes?

    Ch. 5 Pearson.  Read lesson 1-2 (Lesson 1- pages 127-129, Lesson 2- 130-135)


    Brainpop- Biomes and quiz (Also incorporate a tri fold for drawing and describing each biome/ecosystem)

    Lesson 3- What are water ecosystems? (pages 136-139) 

    Biome Art

    Finish up Biome Art

    Lesson 4- How do organisms interact? (140-143)




    Coming Up:




    Social Studies

     Chapter 4- Section 2, read as a class and discuss pages 52-55

     Christopher Columbus Article- Should we celebrate him?

     Begin discussion and self-evaluation on if we should have Columbus day or not.  We will write our own opinions and have a Socratic Circle on this topic.

     Day 2- Columbus Article and writing of opinion.


    Possibly finish up opinion paper.  We will go over the rules for a Socratic Circle today.  


    Coming Up:  
     Begin research on European Explorer


    Make sure your Growth Writing is...

    1) printed off

    2) stapled to your Brainstorming and Story Mountain sheets

    3) handed in to Mr. Broach


    Elements of the Fantasy

    Genre Character Traits - place in writing journal

    Rough Draft and Story Mountain for your Fantasy book.



    Begin working on your own fantasy book!

    Start with Leads- Can you create a captivating beginning that hooks the reader? 


    Rough Draft of Fantasy Books


     Transistions- How can you make your writing more SMOOTH?  (Hint: the answer is transistions.)


    Coming Up:



     Spelling Sort 30

    Test Friday

     Sorting Words Sparkle Spelling

     Writing Challenge- how many spelling words can you use in a sentence?  Run-on sentences don't count!  You may not list off words and only one "and" is allowed!

     Spelling Test -Today!

     Coming Up-  

    Greek and Latin words- List 1

    Other Information

     Behavior Reflection- Each student will be doing a behavior reflection on how they feel their behaviors are contributing to their learning as well as learning for the rest of the class.  

     Mr. Broach has a meeting from 9:30-11:10

    Circle of Control- What can I control in my life and what can't I control.  How do I handle that?      




    Spelling Test- https://forms.gle/K4JsbtcftbaJGRRc9