Unit 5 Schools Athletic Web Sites

Welcome to the Unit 5 Athletic Information Page. On this page you will find sports information about Unit 5 schools as well as information about the schools they compete with. Click on the school logo and you will go directly to the school web site. Click on the Web Page and go directly to the schools' sports web page.

IESA and IHSA Websites Junior High Schools and High Schools

Junior High Athletic Permission Form

Chiddix Junior High School                Web Page              Map
Evans Junior High School                  Web Page              Map
Kingsley Junior High School              Web Page              Map
Parkside Junior High School              Web Page              Map

Normal Community High School        Web Page              Map
Normal West High School                  Web Page              Map
Activity Fees
The McLean County School Board has set the following fees for co-curricular activities for the 2014-2015 school year:

$65 for each sport/activity
Students qualifying for reduced textbooks/lunches pay fees of $32.50 for each sport/activity.
Students qualifying for free textbooks/lunches have all co-curricular fees waived.
The following activities have the above fees assessed at the high school level: 

Girls: cross-country, golf, swimming, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, track, dance

Boys: cross country, football, golf, soccer, basketball, swimming, wrestling, baseball, tennis, track

Girls & Boys: cheerleading, band

The following activities have the above fees assessed at the junior high school level:

Girls: cross-country, volleyball, basketball, softball, track

Boys: cross country, basketball, wrestling, baseball, track

Student Accident Insurance Information