•  Parent Help on Unit 5 Technology

    Login and Password Informational Sheet
    Accessing U5 Cloud 

    Navigate to https://apps.unit5.org and login using your district credentials.

    Username: SIS # (ex. 000111000)
    Password: SIS@unit5.org
    Most district resources (Google, CMS, iXL, etc...) can be access without going through U5 Cloud.  Students can use U5 Cloud if they need access to certain programs (i.e. Office) or want to attend class while at home (i.e. Homebound students) through LanSchool.
    Printing Students who rent a district laptop do NOT have the ability to print from that device (on or off of the Unit 5 network).
     Using Office and SMART Notebook from U5 Cloud If you need to use these programs on a device, please read this document, which outlines how to save and retrieve files from the U5 Cloud.
    Google File Stream
    (Dell Windows Machines Only)

    Student cannot access Google File Stream? 

    Go to Start menu, All Programs, D, Drive File Stream, 
    Sign in with your Unit 5 credentials
    Student Username- SIS@myunit5.org
    Student Password - Unit 5 password
    CMS at Home
    To access CMS (Course Management System) at Home:


    Student Username- SIS@myunit5.org

    Student Password - Unit 5 password
    Google Sign in Button
    Turning wireless
    access on

    Hold down the blue Fn key, and then click the key along the top row that has an image of a radio tower PrtScr for Dell.  This will cycle through options turning their wireless and bluetooth on and off.

    Getting MAC Address for WIFI Settings

    MAC address of the student 1-1 device, for the purpose of they do MAC filtering on their home WIFI.

    • Login as student account
    • Left-click once on the Wireless status icon by the clock
    • Right-click on the “Unit 5 Wireless” SSID, and select Status
    • In that window, click the Details button
    • The “Physical Address” listed in that window should be the wireless MAC address